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The Final Countdown

For most, it’s a race. Last minute gift shopping. Traveling minutes or miles to ensure the whole family is together. Dinners being prepped. Christmas music is swaying through everyone’s ears and heads. Children anticipating Santa* is on his way. Each person is bustling around to get everything just right for tomorrow.

Is Led Zeppelin considered Christmas music?

One hour, forty-five minutes. My personal countdown. At 1:30PM this afternoon I will report to Summerlin Hospital and my life will be in the hands of people I barely know for the second time.

It’s not bravery. It’s not that I’m fearless. It’s not that I’m some super woman saying to life, “Come at me, Bro!”  (well… kind of I am) but sometimes, you just have to do what you have to do. And our lives are really just one big story, right? Your very own unique memoir. So why not make it interesting! Why not turn an unfortunate situation into something great? Plus, if I didn’t get this sugery done before the year’s end, insurance would have raped** me out of another five grand worth of deductables. Thanks, America!

So my bags are packed. That’s right, plural. A giant fur blanket and Christmas cookies in one. Hand cream, champagne socks (which preferably would be a bottle… Thanks Dani for both!), Packer slippers (Sue Jones, YES! Packers are totally going to the Super Bowl!), chap stick, lotion, and essential oil from the spa yesterday so my room doesn’t smell like a gross, sterile habitat for recovering humans. Oh and let’s not forget my hospital swag. You bet I’ll be rolling up in a Meownisota shirt (Thanks Jessie and the Intermedia Crew!) a festive plaid poncho and a high bun. Duh. No one is raining on my surgery parade. The next 24 are MINE.

So CHEERS! To the nurses and the surgeon and his assistants for coming in today to help others. They are the real heroes in life. And Thank YOU to all who text, called, messaged, and sent well wishes. I adore you and can’t wait to see you again! So sorry if I didn’t get a chance to respond  – just know how much I appreciate you. Everything is going to be A-O.K. It has to be.




AND be sure to think about just how lucky you are today. And tomorrow.  While you’re with your loved ones, eating, drinking, exchanging gifts, I’ll just be on a cold, metal operating table getting my neck slit open 😉

Murray Christmas!




* If you child is 9 or older, quite lying to them about Santa. They’re grown.

** Apologies on using such a vulgar word, but let’s be realistic. It’s true.