2020 September Vibes

Hello There, Friends. Long time.
We have so much catching up to do…

Are you thriving or simply surviving through 2020? How are you? I feel a little of both. And with that, I’ve become more inspired to take the time and update the website on a weekly basis. I need to practice what I preach.
So let’s catch up.

2018. Two years. What’s new? Still pushing through.

March 4th. Came and went. I’ve officially reached my mid-thirties. How the hell did that happen? I was 29 when first diagnosed with thyroid cancer. Most specialists I have seen believe I had this slowly growing inside me since high school. Zero symptoms until I was 23. I had a sore throat for three weeks. Got hit with thyroiditis and a doctor who was heartless. Due to his lack of emotion and horrible biopsy skills, I said fuck it and we moved to LA. Oh to be young and nearly fearless. Six plus years thinking I was untouchable.

Fast forward to 2014. Ready to leave the marketing agency I was currently working for, snagged one last physical to ensure I was healthy as a horse.
I never understood this analogy? Well. I was denied by the Universe. Welcome to my downward spiral. You can read the entire story and more by Starting Here.

To this day, there is a lot of regret and frustration. Why was I so stubborn when I was first warned of the possibility of cancer? Why didn’t I take it more seriously? Why didn’t I follow up a year later? Why did I choose to forget about it? And so much more that I do not have the answers for. Maybe it was fate. Maybe it hit me just when it needed too. I’ve always said everything happens for a reason; at the same time, I’m a skeptic about that phrase. Maybe I wouldn’t be the person I am today without going through all the crazy that is cancer. I can tell you this; it did progress me into being a hypochondriac – which is more stress than it’s worth.

2020. Present day. A massive pandemic running a muck on the world. Emotions everywhere. These are most definitely trying times. I can’t say I don’t have mixed feelings about it all, when comparing it to cancer survival. I promise you, I am not down-playing this current virus, but welcome to a cancer patients world. No sign of anything wrong. No guarantee of survival. No idea what’s next. No control. No free testing. No cure. Just more picking and probing and poison into your body for a chance cure. The only up side is it cannot spread from one person to another – yet.

Note – I hope I’m not scaring anyone at this point. It’s personal experience mixed with all the feels. I remain positive no matter what (most days) because what’s the point of sabotaging an already atrocious year?

Onward we move. September finds us floating toward autumn and nodding to Thyroid Cancer Awareness month. I’m highly jealous of everyone in the Midwest and East Coast – the colors of fall. The seasons. It has always been my favorite time of year. And on that note, be sure to get your neck checked. It’s super simple. I understand the thought, “I don’t even want to know if something is wrong…” or “I’m not interested in going to a doctors office because, covid.” This year has already tried our patience. I also know we are all stronger than we think. And time is of essence. I found that out real quick. Staying a step ahead of the dying game is real life. Don’t cut yourself short because you are scared. Check Your Neck.

I will end today’s post with an offer, wide open. If you ever need someone to talk to, write to, vent to, question – I’m here. And willing to help anyone in need, however I can. Never hesitate. And remember, all my cancer fighters and survivors – Thyroids are so last season 😉 – Lace

“I admire people who choose to smile after all the things they’ve been through.” – UNKNOWN


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